The Life Right Foundation

The Life Right Foundation is a registered children’s charity dedicated to changing the lives of young children.

The charity provides grants to disadvantaged children who have suffered any kind of abuse, neglect or trauma, so they (and in some cases other members of their family) may receive life-changing care, support and treatment from expert practitioners in the private sector.

The Life Right Foundation awards grants to disadvantaged children who have suffered any kind of abuse neglect or trauma

On average, it costs around £500 to change a child’s life through treatments and therapies provided by local experts. By making a donation or supporting one of our fundraising events, you can help change a LOCAL child’s life… and not only that, research has highlighted many times over that someone who has experienced trauma, neglect or abuse in their life is more likely to become involved in crime. By helping children deal with these issues and desensitise them to the impact these individual or repeat instances cause, the child will grow up happier with a more positive focus for life and those around them… They are more likely to secure a better job and much less likely to be involved in anything unlawful.

So by supporting The Life Right Foundation, you are not only helping local children and their families, you are helping us contribute to a better local community for the future.

Why not take a look around our site and see how you can help local children, local families & our future community and town.

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