About Us

The Life Right Foundation is a registered charity that provides grants to disadvantaged children who have suffered any kind of abuse, neglect or trauma, so they (and in some cases, other members of their family too) may receive life changing care, support and treatment from expert practitioners in the private sector – help that would otherwise not be available to them due financial constraints.
When an application is received, there is a process we follow to have the child assessed. This determines what type of expert would best meet their needs.

A single traumatic event can shape the person we are for the rest of our lives, leading to long-term negative consequences of varying severity.  By ‘removing’ negative response triggers and desensitising the child, huge improvements in them as a person and their lives have been seen in a relatively short space of time.  Those close to the child who know them best often tell us they are a completely different and “…much much happier..

What we are able to offer through funding from The Life Right Foundation doesn’t just benefit them now, it changes their whole life and the lives of their family too.  The funding can cover not only the sessions with expert practitioners but also any necessary tests.  In some circumstances the grant can also fund childcare or transport to get to and from the sessions.
Funds can also be made available for outings or other social activities where the child or family can benefit.
Each child’s needs are different and assessed accordingly.

Our Fundraising & Events team work to both enhance awareness and raise funds so that we may continue to fund private wellbeing treatments to children in our community.

If you are a company in Hampshire and you would like to help out by making our charity your chosen one, perhaps donating products or services for our raffles or by attending one of our events, please do get in touch and help us make a difference in the community.

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The changes that can be made through The Life Right Foundation are for life.