As a charity, we provide grants to disadvantaged children who have suffered any kind of abuse, neglect or trauma so they may receive a treatment package that is right for them. This can include one-to-one sessions, family sessions and if necessary laboratory testing.  In some instances we can also contribute to childcare and/or travel costs too.

To be eligible for funding, you will first need to complete the application form below.  Once we have received and reviewed this, you will be sent a link to a financial assessment.  This enables us to establish eligibility for subsidised treatment.

Once we have received your forms, you will receive an invitation to come and chat with us. The selection panel usually meets once a month to discuss your child’s case and establish what family support there is available.  Because of the number of children wanting our support, this panel also establishes the urgency of your child’s case to determine when a treatment package could start.

In all cases, all those who are applying for a grant will need to raise a minimum of £50 prior to commencement of their treatment.  This can be via any (legal) method and for some ideas, you might want to take a look at our fundraising ideas page.

The interview will last up to 30 minutes and our response will be sent to you in writing within 10 working days.

We’ve listed some common questions below and don’t forget to complete your form below


  • Will I need to pay anything for the treatment?
    All applicants will need to raise a minimum of £50 for The Life Right Foundation prior to commencement of treatment.  When we assess your Financial Application Form, we will advise you what contribution (if any) you will be required to make.
  • How long is each treatment session?
    This depends on the age of the child and would typically be between 30-45 minutes, with most of them being 30.
  • How many treatment sessions will my child have?
    Again this depends on the presenting issues.  You will be advised of this at the first treatment session.
  • Will I have to do anything in return for this grant?
    We ask that all those who benefit from The Life Right Foundation to follow our Facebook page, raise at least £100 over a 12-month period and agree to record a testimonial video at the start and end of the treatment.  This will be used to demonstrate to other parents the difference The Foundation makes to children.
  • How much would the treatment cost if we self-funded?
    Again this depends on the child and their presenting issues however, treatment averages at around £500 per child and this typically covers the necessary treatment to make a very big difference to them.
  • What if I can’t get my child to the appointments?
    In special cases, The Foundation may also be able to help with public transport costs.  You will need to demonstrate why this is required.
  • What if I miss an appointment?
    As part of the offer to fund your child’s treatment, you agree to do whatever you need to, to ensure they attend their sessions and are not late.  The Foundation still has to pay for appointments that are missed or attended late and  The Foundation reserves the right to withdraw funding if sessions are missed through any reason other than exceptional circumstances.
  • Who will my child be seeing?
    This will depend on the child’s individual circumstances however Initially your child will see Lesley Wickham, the lead practitioner of Life Right Behavioural Medicine Practice to assess your child and form the appropriate treatment pathway.  Lesley will liaise with other expert practitioners and bok .  All practitioners have Enhanced DBS clearance.

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If you are able to fund treatment yourself, please click here to go to the Life Right website