Would you like to make a donation?

Donations are a vital source of support for any charity and with all of the different ones available, we sincerely thank you for choosing The Life Right Foundation – thank you on behalf of the team and of course the children.

Whether you choose a one-off donation or a monthly amount to help disadvantaged children who have suffered abuse, neglect or trauma, every penny helps to make a difference

Your one-off gift can help reclaim a child’s shattered childhood.

What could your donation do?

£5 – buys the materials each Art or Play Therapist uses in a session with a child
£10 – pays the cost of helping those families without transport be able to get to and from the therapy sessions
£15 – pays child-minding fees, so the parent(s) can concentrate on the child needing the help
£50 – pays for one treatment session with the expert practitioners
£75 – pays for an extended family therapy session
£500 – is the average treatment cost of one child

Your donation – however big or small – will help the life of not just the child but their family’s too.  

The Life Right Foundation is building a better community for the future.


You can make a donation directly into the charity’s bank account… the details are:

  • Barclays account number: 93258912
  • Sort code: 20.05.00
  • Account name: The Life Right Foundation

Please could you use your name & ideally telephone number as a payment reference, so we know who to thank for the act of kindness.

On behalf of the children who will benefit from your generosity, we offer our sincere thanks.