There are oodles of ways you could help raise money for our charity… Here’s a few suggestions…

  • Recommend your company adopt The Life Right Foundation as their chosen charity. For companies, there’s a lot of kudos that goes with supporting a local charity – especially a children’s charity.
  • 44% of adults in the UK take part in some form of charity event each year. The next time you take part in something, why not fundraise for us or split the money you raise between us and another charity? See our Fundraising Support Pack below.
  • Do something yourself! January sees a huge influx of people trying to lose weight… Why not use the opportunity to raise money for our charity too… You’ll also find it a boost for people to be supporting you AND it will inspire you to do even better, so everybody wins
  • Do something wild! In 2013, a group of 6 guys cycled from Basingstoke to Paris and raised nearly £2,500 for The Life Right Foundation. In 2014 they are taking part in an overseas trek AND cycling from Basingstoke to Brussels. The previous event was so popular that the number of people going on the trip has already swelled to 12! What could you think of doing that will be fun and will raise lots of money???

Our Fundraising Packs are available to all those raising money for The Life Right Foundation. They include helpful guides, collection pots, pull up display banners and T shirts for anyone taking part in a fundraising activity. Talk to our fundraising coordinators on 01256 320127 and they’ll arrange everything for you.