At the time of publication, we’ve applied for an online donation facility via BT’s ‘My Donate’ service.
Why choose one of the less popular ones?

The answer, as it is for many decisions is down to money.
Out of the three leading providers, Virgin charge a £100 + VAT setup fee whilst ‘Just Giving’ and BT don’t. Then when you get to the monthly fees, Virgin only charge you a credit card fee for donations whereas ‘Just Giving’ charge you £15 + VAT a month – BT doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

Then we come to the commissions for each donation. Virgin doesn’t charge a commission whereas ‘Just Giving’ tops up their £15 a month fee with up to 6.45% of the donation going to them. BT doesn’t take a commission.

So as you can see, with no setup cost, no monthly fee and no commission, BT is the obvious choice for us, where we’d rather 100% of your kind donation went to helping children who had suffered abuse, neglect or trauma.

Whilst the others offer facilities, we feel at this stage of the charity’s development it would be beneficial to not be paying corporates for a service until such times as it can be maximised, therefore making any fees cost-effective.

Once the application has been processed and the facility is live, we will post this on the website.