Experts at the Life Right Behavioural Medicine Practice identified that major issues in adulthood often originated from issues in their childhood – a range of issues such as neglect, abuse or a traumatic experience.

It was easy to see that by being able to help children deal with their experiences and desensitise them to the damaging effect, it was possible to not only change the life of the child, but their family too. Long term, this also has a positive impact on the community too, as research has shown that when a child suffers any kind of maltreatment, they are twice as likely to engage in crime of some sort with abused and neglected children being more likely to be arrested both as juveniles and adults.

Whilst The Life Right Behavioural Medicine Practice continues to change the lives of children who have suffered any kind of abuse, neglect or trauma, they themselves identified the connections between more cases of neglect in domestic environments that could be considered as living in poverty or with very little disposable income, meaning that, whilst the Practice held the answers to a huge number of children’s issues, this was out of reach to their families due to the costs of private healthcare.

It was then that The Life Right Foundation was formed to raise money for children who needed help from experts but who could not afford it.

The Foundation set about raising the £5000 necessary to apply for registered charity status and after doing this, has applied to the Charity Commission of become a Registered Charity.